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EPOCH 2012 - Manav Sthali School
  • Hi Quizzers
    Manav Sthali School's organizing its computer symposium "Epoch 2012" on December 3rd 2012. 
    The symposium also has a tech-quiz which I am sure you'll love to attend.

    Details for the Quiz (a.k.a DIP n DIVE)
    Eligibility: Open
    1 Team of 2 Participants is to be sent by the school.

    We're also hosting other events, details of which you will get on our website: Here
    You can register online: Here

    You can reach our school via Delhi Metro:
    The Nearest Station is "Rajender Place"

    I Hope to see the gyaan[dot]in members come over for a good quizzing experience.
  • it was amazing. Specially the quiz level and questions. no vague questions! they were amazing!
  • Please upload the quiz archives if possible.......