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CODE 2012 is back again!
  • # If you need a reason to get excited about tech again, this is it. 

    Apeejay School Noida is organizing its annual computer symposium CODE on the 31st of October and the 1st of November.

    Cool trophies, audience events, surprises and much more wait you!  

    The events at CODE 2012 are as follows: 
    Creative Hunch 
    Software Display
    Group Discussion 
    Robowars (Real Steel) 
    "Surprise Surprise!" 
    Powerpoint Presentation
    3D Modelling 

    Event details:
    #Technologically curious? 

    CODE is the computer club of Apeejay Noida and the name of one of the biggest tech symposiums in Delhi/NCR. CODE, held annually at Apeejay Noida. It never fails to satisfy techno enthusiasts from all over the town.
    For any queries and other information, please check:
    The event page is:
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