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Grey Matters 2012 - Archives
  • Here you go.

    Unlike last year, I promised myself I wouldn't take ages to get around to doing this.

    Credits go to Ankur B, Bhavika A and Prateek V apart from myself.

    Hope those who turned up had a good time.

    Also, sorry about the non-delivery of cake: little sleep, bad weather, teams showing up *after* I'm done checking all the prelim papers and all meant that I never got the time to go get the cake.
  • Great Quiz! :)
    I would have got 11 if i'd have participated. Couldn't Participate :/
  • Guys, we'd love to have feedback on the quiz. What did y'all think?
  • Regarding the theory of everything question would you have accepted "String Theory"?
  • I gave half-points for string theory because it's a candidate for ToE. Same goes for GUT, although with different reasoning.