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Grey Matters 2012 - DPSVK - I want to play another game...
  • Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj is conducting its second annual inter-school quiz, Grey Matters 2012, on 1 August (Wednesday). More info here.

    This discussion thread, on the other hand, is along the lines of the game we played with you all last year. We've got 5 days to go for the quiz, and we'll be releasing 5 clues that may or may not help you do better or worse on the quiz. We'll be releasing one everyday here on In fact I'm almost absolutely sure that if you crack all 5 clues, you're almost certainly a genius.

    Like last time, DO NOT post your answers as a reply. Keep them to yourself. You'll probably need them on the day of the quiz. If the answer is plain obvious to you, you evidently aren't doing it right. If you find yourself facedesking repeatedly, I should warn you about the concussions you're likely to sustain if you go on much longer.
  • Friday, 27 July
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  • Saturday, 28 July

  • Third challenge: Naach, Basanti*, naach

    For the third challenge, what we want you to do is to watch this video - - and then record one member of your team doing the same dance, upload it to YouTube, and post a link to that video here as a reply.

    You heard that right. I want you to ignore whatever was said earlier, and post your replies here. Make sure you mention your school name along with the post. (If you're stupid enough to post a link without mentioning your school name, you get -100 points for stupidity.)

    There will be cake...

    * regardless of whether your name is Basanti or not
  • Monday, 30 July
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  • Seriously, you twats? Nobody has uploaded a video so far?

    I promised cake, didn't I? If you win the bonus round without uploading a video for the third challenge, Vivek Nair will personally take a shit on your prize and then give it to you.

    So quite fooling around and upload those videos. Naach, Basanti, naach.