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Limca Book of Records Quiz 2012 (with Ahmedabad questions!)
  • It's on 3rd August in Ahmedabad.
  • bob !! even in bangalore ! it is held on the same date! 
  • Anybody got the questions from any city this year ?
  • Ahmedabad Prelims:
    1. What three letter word interface is used to connect printers and other accessories easily and quickly?
    2. A question on dance form related to Vishnu.
    3. In football, if you score a brace, how many goals have you scored?
    4. A question on an Italian volcano.
    5. green revolution: grains
    white revoultion: milk
    then round revolution ?
    6. Who was the oldest person among the three to fly in a jet place? ans : Pratibha Patil
    7. Who was the first person to reach 10000 runs in ODIs?
    8. A question on Yoga
    9. A question on Ibn Batuta
  • please any give good question

  • ^impersonator!
  • 1.USB
    7.Sunil Gavsakar
  • Round Revolution is Potatoes. We got this right! B-)
  • 7th is Sachin, right ?
  • yes, shayad wohi tha.