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Archives, archives and archives!
  • Last year, during one of the quizzes, I promised to myself that if I win the quiz, I would compile as many quizzes as possible in which I participated; something which went for a six last year due to my studies and verbal resistance from some of my dearest quizzer friends in Delhi. (As a matter of fact,one of my archives had helped some 'non-quizzing guys' immensely in a quiz which agitated some other 'regulars'... :P). 

    Luckily I won that quiz and I had to wait for my holidays to fulfill my promise. Though archiving is fun but it is NOT at all easy to make an archive of the quizzes which have happened an year or two back. Plus its important to cross-check the data to avoid confusion among the readers. But the whole process is quite rewarding if fellow quizzers benefit from your archives. 

    Well, I must confess that I did benefit in a way from the archives prepared by Ankur Bannerjee and Prateek Vijayvargia which were posted on this forum. Others like Shreyans Jain, Abhaas Mohan, Shikhar Gautam, Vidit Bhargava, Rishav Dey, Syed Murtuza Hasmi (Sorry if I missed someone) have been regular in putting up their compilations of the recent quizzes, but of late, this noble habit has decreased in magnitude, possibly due to ....(I leave it upon you to answer that.)

    This time I was able to compile some of the quizzes of Parnab Da/Cradle Sports in 2011. I did them before others keeping in mind that Mod Quiz '12 is going to happen soon. 

    The foll. files are there:
    1. CBSE Heritage India Quiz National Finals 2011
    2. CBSE Heritage India Quiz National Pre-Finals 2011
    3. CBSE Heritage India Quiz Zonals (UP)
    4. Mod Quiz 2011-Finals
    5. TAFS Quiz 2011
    6. CenQuest 2011
    7. IMS Open Quiz 2010

    I will be uploading more files soon!

    The first change:

    As promised, I am uploading some more files. This time I was able to compile QuizCraft's quizzes. Yes once again, keeping in mind the upcoming Columban Open Quiz. Though Quizmasters now dont repeat questions so often, but archives do help you get an idea about the format and type. Hope these files help you all: (Click on the name to download)

  • hey, thank a lot!
  • Hey thanks a lot Mukund for these!!!! very well compiled n presented. Most of d ppl lyk keeping d archives 2 demselves n nt sharing wid oders.
     Its so nyc of u 2 put them on d net. And im waiting for d oders. :P
  • Hey Mukund, Are you compiling Quizzes in which the Quiz-Master is Adiitya Nath or something related to that ??
  • The Noble Habit of Compiling Archives has decreased due to .. the lack of a priority to prepare and upload them. These days, there is so little time between studies and school that going to a quiz has become a challenge let alone compiling its archives.

    Thanks for this set though! :)
  • @Tushar: Yes. You should have checked the files. The QM is Mr. Mubayi or Mr. Savarkar.

    Conducted the Audition Test for freshers under Quest , the Quizzing Society of my college. Have a look!
  • hey i am surprised to see i do know many of them--
    2)Its Sunny leone the pornstar
    3)During olympics for fencing(Source-Went to google everyday and its clear form the pic)
    4)VAnde mataram
    5)Yahoo see my mad about tech quiz for more tech quiz i have read the full history of all these companies so i know this
    6)I know this is realted to Mecca Medina but dont remeber the exact name
    8)this is asking what i dont know if its recognising them the n its too easy--Saina Nehwal and Mary KOM both won bronze medals at the olympics
    9)ha ha know this mount rushmore it has presidents faces like goerge wahington lincoln etc
    10)its a guess but is it Hanuman whn he is going to lanka he fights some cfreaturs on the way in the sea dutin that ime
    12)kya office officce mein vo bolta tha na mota
    13)Sheldon Cooper form big bang theory i am a big fan Leonard Penny Raj Howard Bernadette Amy
    love all of them
    15)Bill Gates to nahi hai means he tried strategies to eliminate competition
    17)Narendra Modi
    18)Elvis Presley maybe
    19)Blank question
    21)Indira Gandhi Rakesh Sharma even a child would know this
    23)Deshi basara-He rises form batman)
    25)Rooh Afza dont know maybe
    ans 1-michael phelps maybe
    ans 2-FAcebook techy questions always easy i have read this

  • Intel Aeon quiz College prelims. Cut off/Top score was 11. I missed out on 2 question, but those two were way too tough, so cut off is still 11. Have a go at it.

  • Here are the school prelims questions for the same
  • What we can't have enough of is more and more questions!

    Here are the archives for the prelims conducted for the Conquiztadors, Quiz Society of Sri Venkateswara College. The cut off was 11.5/50, @raghavkaushal above cleared it, have a go at it.

  • Trying out those questions for which you haven't declared the answers yet :

    5. Andaman and Nicobar
    6. Titanic (Re-released in 3D so maybe thats why )?
    7. Kaziranga National Park , Rhino
    11. Michael Phelps
    12. Hans Zimmer, The Dark Knight Rises
    17. Sherlock Holmes
    18. National Flag
    19. Some Assasination?
    20. Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo, don't know the capitals
    21. Midnight's Children?
    26. Filmfare Awards
    27. Rakhi
    29. X - A R Rahman, Y - 127 Hours
    31. Bheja Fry
    32. Captain Lakshmi Sehgal
    33. Wasseypur/Dhanbad
    34. Oscar Pristorius
    35. 50 Shades of Grey
    37. Libya?
    40. Sun Temple at Konark?
    41. The Statesman?
    43. Hercule Poirot?
    45. Yahoo!
    49. SN Bose
    50. Bangladesh

  • Pleas post some more archives. The previous ones were simply awesome. :)