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TCS IT Wiz Dates and Venues Officially Declared
  • There is a bit of good news for all tech quizzers. TCS IT Wiz Dates are officially our, and , it is quite a relief for Quizzers in Delhi,

    but Hyderabad is a bit too early.  Still, here's the schedule


    Hyderabad-July 27 at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan,King Kothi Road

    Ahmedabad-August 7 at Rabindranath Tagore Hall
    Kolkata-August 9 at Kalamandir,Shakespeare Sarani
    Bangalore-August 13 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall
    Chennai -August 21 at Music Academy,TTK Road
    Coimbatore-August 24 at Corporation Kalai Arangam
    Pune-August 28 at Yashwantrao Chavan Natya Gruha
    Nagpur-August 31 at ( Venue not yet declared)
    Indore-September 4 at (Venue not yet declared)
    Bhubaneswar-September 6 at Pal Heights
    Kochi-October 5 at Gokulam Convention Center
    Lucknow-October 9 at ( Venue not yet declared)
    Mumbai-October 14 at Indian Education Society,Manik Sabagraha
    Delhi-November 3 at Dogra Hall,IIT