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  • After a very successful run from 2001-2005, the ESPN School Quiz is
    back as the HDFC Life School Quiz, testing the sporting knowledge of
    India's young minds. The HDFC Life School Quiz is open to students from
    classes 6 through 10 from schools across the country. The quiz will not
    only test skills and knowledge of the participants, but it will also
    provide some healthy, high-quality entertainment to a vast nationwide

    As in previous editions of this highly popular quiz, the rounds will
    be themed along the lines of the motto of the Olympic Games - Citius,
    Altius and Fortius, which is Latin for Faster, Higher Stronger. An apt
    motto, as in this modern information age, we expect the sharp young minds
    to come at each other with faster reflexes, higher standards and stronger
    determination when faced with tight situations, as their teams battle
    it out for the title of "India's Top Sports School Quiz Team" for the
    year 2012. 


    Two-members-per-team format
    – please remember to register as a team.

    • The written qualifier will be conducted on the 8th of April, 2012 across
    the country

    • The students, in teams of two, will be required to answer the written

    • There is no limit on the number of teams per school taking part in the
    written qualifier.

    • 72 two-member teams will qualify <results will be updated on
    on 18th of April, 2012>

    • These 72 two-member teams participate in the television rounds <date
    TBD, teams will be required to travel to Delhi for TV recording during
    the 2nd week of May, 2012>


    Eligibility Criteria

    It's very simple – if you're a student between Class VI and Class X
    for the 2011-2012 academic year (both classes included), you can appear
    on the HDFC Life School Quiz.

    How to Register

    Contact your school or simply download your registration
    from the
    following link and send it to You can also
    register by filling up a form at the venue of the written qualifier.

    You will need to provide identification of your school – a letter from
    the school stating that you are a bonafide student of that school and
    certifying the class you are studying in, or a student identification
    card issued by the school.

    registrationform.docx 13K
  • what is the venue and timings?

  • @Ankit dps rkp and from 10-11.............any other details contact the organiser Antara-01244215831 and 09818856318
  • Highest score in the prelims and please mention the centre also..?
  • did not come to know as the answers were not announced at the delhi dps centre...........
  • hey........ my team got selected for the zonal qualifiers that would be broadcasted on t.v. as the shooting begins in the 2nd week of may..........:)))))))))))))))
  • congrats man!
  • @Suvigya-How much did you score ?.
  • on which sites are the results?
  • @vintagemenon did not come to know of the per my assumption my team score would be b/w 15-20............
    @ankit the results are on apparently but not yet uploaded but u can contact at the nos. given above.......
  • @Suvigya

    I got selected too..
    Which is your zone? When is your Zonal finals? Are you there in facebook/gmail?
    Plz reply me @  OR
  • i am in north zone and i think my zonal finals r on 9th may...........what abt u?????????/
  • 15th May..

  • @manu what was ur zone?????????
  • @manu waiting for ur reply............