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The NSIT Quiz Fest - 2012
  • The NSIT Quiz Club brings to you the NSIT Quiz Fest 2012, the fourth edition of our annual quizzing extravaganza. Following the tremendous success of the event last year, we plan to make this year's edition Bigger, Better and, well, Bulkier (on the pocket).
    The three-day event will be conducted during 10-12th of February 2012 and will see the best of quizzers competing for prize and pride.
    And as every year, this year too, we promise you cash prizes in hand, on the spot.
    There will be a total of 11 quizzes spread over the three days - 5 Main quizzes (Prelims+Finals) and 6 Filler Quizzes (Written). The final day of the event i.e 12th February will be an Open Day. We invite teams of two for all quizzes on all days.

    The itinerary looks somewhat like this:

    Venue : The Mini Auditorium

    Day 1, Friday, 10th February 2012:
    14:30 PM - The SciTech Quiz
    15:30 PM - The Sports Quiz Prelims
    16:30 PM - The Music Quiz
    17:30 PM - The Sports Quiz Finals

    Day 2, Saturday, 11th February 2012:
    10:00 AM - The Business Quiz Prelims
    11:00 AM - The Comics and Cartoons Quiz
    12:00 PM - The Business Quiz Finals
    14:00 PM - Lunch Break 
    14:30 PM - The India Quiz Prelims
    15:30 PM - The LSD Quiz - On everything bad, and worse.
    16:30 PM - The India Quiz Finals

    Sunday, 12th February 2012:
    10:00 AM - The MELA (Music Ent Lit Art) Quiz Prelims 
    11:00 AM - The Travel and Living Quiz
    12:00 PM - The MELA Quiz Finals
    14:00 PM - Lunch Break 
    14:30 PM - The General Quiz Prelims
    15:30 PM - The Feminism Quiz - On one of God's gifts to mankind.
    16:30 PM - The General Quiz Finals

    Rules and Regulations:
    1. Except for the Open Day i.e 12th February where anyone can join in, all other quizzes are only open to college (graduate and post-graduate) and school students.
    3. There are 5 Main Quizzes. They will be in the normal "Prelims+Finals" format.
    4. There are 6 Filler Quizzes. 25-30 questions each. All written.
    5. Cross-college/school teams are allowed.
    6. Each participant should have his/her school/college ID card at the time of the quizzes. On the Open Day however, just showing your face would do.

    Also as a run-up to the event, we will conduct an Online Quiz series on the NSIT Quiz Club Blog - starting from the 5th of February to the 9th of February. Details of the same will be posted soon.

    Other relevant details will be put soon on The NSIT Quiz Fest 2012 Facebook Event Page -
    In case of any queries, you can either post on our Facebook page : , or contact 8882275432.