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  • The quiz was on 15th November, 2011


    There were around 250+ teams from 98 schools.

    The prelims were hosted by Andrew Scolt and the main quiz by none other than Derek O'Brien himself!

    Eventually, my team, consisting of Mitul Dey Chowdhury and Arunavha Chanda came 1st.




    1st: DPS Ruby Park

    2nd: Apeejay School, Park Street

    3rd: Birla High School for Boys

    4th: La Martiniere for Boys

    5th: Modern High School for Girls

    6th: National Gems Higher Secondary School



    PRELIMS: Highest-28/30 (My team- with Mitul Dey Chowdhury; DPS Ruby Park)  Cutoff - 26/30


    1. Who is the only Test cricketer to have scored more runs than Don Bradman, but failed to score in his last innings?

    Ans: Sourav Ganguly


    2. Which river forms India's Waterway no. 1?

    Ans: Ganga


    3. Which Indian state had the first woman CM?

    Ans: Uttar Pradesh


    4. Which Bollywood actor would you associate with the "Being Human" foundation?

    Ans: Salman Khan


    5. How do we better know singer, Steffani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

    Ans: Lady Gaga


    6. The President of which country is also the honorary co-prince of Andorra?

    Ans: France


    7. On which Indian currency note would you find the picture of a computer monitor?

    Ans: Rs. 1000/-


    8. In October, 2011, the world's highest webcam was installed on top of which mountain peak?

    Ans: Mt. Everest


    9. Which painting attracts more than 6 million people every year to the 'Louvre Museum'?

    Ans: The Mona Lisa


    10. On 10th May, 2001, who sang the ghazal, 'Lagta Nahin Dil Mera...' in the Parliament to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the First War of Indian Independence?

    Ans: Jagjit Singh


    11. On 9th July 2011, ___________ became the newest country in the world.

    Ans: South Sudan


    12. Which computer keyboard symbol is traditionally called the pound sign or the number sign in USA?

    Ans: # (or) Hash


    13. Which continent produces 90% of the world's rice?

    Ans: Rice


    14. What is the official colour of the Queen and the Royal Family of the Netherlands?

    Ans: Orange


    15. Which scientist saved his city in Sicily from Romans by practical application of pulleys and levers?

    Ans: Archimedes


    16. Omnitrix and the Humungosaur dinosaur can be associated with which television series?

    Ans: Ben 10


    17. In October 2011, MPs of UK voted to allow which Social Networking site during debates in the House of Commons?

    Ans: Twitter


    18. Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man on the moon, appeared in which 2011 Hollywood action film?

    Ans: Transformers 3


    19. Chef Rafael Esposito designed which food item in honour of Queen Margherita in the colours of the Itaian flag?

    Ans: Pizza


    20. The adult males of which primate are called 'silverbacks'?

    Ans: Gorilla


    21. Elle Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee, winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, hail from which country?

    Ans: Liberia


    22. In which 1865 children's novel will you find the the King, Queen and Knave of Hearts?

    Ans: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


    23. Plasma, which makes up 55% of blood fluid, is basically 92% what?

    Ans: Water


    24. Camp, Golf, Polo and Half are all types of Shirt, Trousers or Coats?

    Ans: Shirts


    25. Which Asian country emits more CO2 than USA and Canada combined?

    Ans: China




    Which cartoon is this?

    Ans: Chota Bheem




    Identify the game.

    Ans: Kho-Kho



    Which creature, also called dwarf leopard is this?

    Ans: OCELOT


    29. There was a vague Bengali song played, we had to identify the singer.

    Ans: Shreya Ghoshal


    30. [Chammak Challo] Music director?

    Ans: Vishal-Sekhar.

  • I will post the finals later as I get time.

  • Congrats!  By the way, what does the winner get in the quiz? And is there a national round?

    please edit:

    13. Which continent produces 90% of the world's rice?

    Ans: Rice

  • who  the hell could answer such difficult questions???? and what abt the answer of d last quesn man...?

    what iz d theme of dis quiz...???anythin from anywhere...? :P

  • Congrats... It seems to be a great quiz, awesome questions. BTW @critic it comes in the category of general quiz... and yeah pretty much anything from anywhere :P
  • @critic: Is it just me, or do I smell cartons of sarcasm in your comment???

    The last question does have an answer. What are you asking? I couldn't quite follow you.

    And yes, the quiz was a general one. Quizzes generally are general unless specified.

  • I wish that you would mention the fact that another team from your school also scored the highest,28 but could not qualify 'coz we made the first mistake, at Q7.  #-o  >:P :(
  • ^Lol :P

  • The questions were great. In fact, the Queen Margherita question was there in the Delhi round as well.