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Limca Book of Records Quiz Delhi -St. Thomas [ARCHIVE]
  • the limca book of records quiz delhi 2011 was held on 17th november and having attended it i felt bound to share the questions with everyone Here are all the questions i remember from the prelims and finals.
    1)new delhi is home to 2 unesco world heritage sites one being the qutub minar what is the other?
    Answer--Humayun's Tomb
    2)to which country does the world's longest-serving current (royal) head of state belong?
    3)what is the p in http?
    4)Polar bears hibernate.True or False.
    5)which Nobel prize has been given continuously since its inception(no year in which noone received the prize)
    Answer--Nobel prize for Economics
    6)who holds the record for the most no. of sixes in Champions League T20?
    Answer--Virat Kohli
    7)Sir William Herschel disovered which planet using a handheld reflecting telescope in 1781?
    8)Who is the current leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha?
    Answer--Shri Arun Jaitley
    9)This is the year of the____________________(chinese calendar)?
    Answer--Rabbit or Hare
    10)Buzz Aldrin has a Guest appearance in which 2011 action film?
    Answer--Transformers Dark of the moon
    11)Which color derives its name from the Greek word for "Indian dye"?
    (the image given was different and a lot more difficult to identify)
    Answer--Novak Djokovic
    13)Which famous play by Shakespeare has the lines--"In sooth, I know not why I am so sad."? 
    Options--Merchant of venice,as you like it,macbeth
    Answer--Merchant of Venice
    14)Identifying voice--
    Answer was Jairam Ramesh
    Answer--Kate or Catherine Middleton or Duchess of Cambridge
    16)my first and middle name is Kisan Baburao--
    Answer--Anna Hazare
    17)Identify the flower--
    18)Salman Khan's production hosue is known as SKBH with Sk being evident but what is BH?
    Answer--Being Human

    I will post more as i remember now come questions from Finals--
    1)First non governmental organisation to join Twitter--
    Indian Post
    First Telephone made by Alexander Graham Bell(prototype)
    3)Which character from well know triology of novels goes to Albert Mission School?
    Swami from Swami and Friends by Rk Narayanan
    4)Who bowled the first ball in the world cup?(maybe for india)
    Madan Lal
    5)THe Danjon Scale is used to meaure what natural phenomena with L=0 being Very dark almost invisible and L=4 being Very bright copper-red or orange?
    Lunar Eclipse
    6)Reykjavík is the world's Northernmost capital which is the Southernmost?
    Wellington,New Zealand
    7)First t20 international match was held between asutralia and england.Serious or joking.
    Answer-Joking(Australia and New Zealand)

    Oh man i cant remember anything else please anyone who went to the quiz please help in completing the set of 30 questions for the prelims and adding more questions from the stage round specially serious and joking ones.

    1st New era public school
    2nd Springdales Public School
    ^ of 150 teams qualified for stage round from prelims.Held in St. Thomas School and hosted by Andrew Scolt(Personally i feel he isnt a good quizmaster and compared to Picbrain and Derek he just isnt good enough and is a bit irritating.)

  • @vidit i saw u were there why dont u post questions?u dont have time????then why dont u make people who have time the admins of this site.Dont take this too seriously man.
  • @jerand - By a strong coincidence everyone saw me today. (Was sitting on State) . Scored 20 in the prelims, Missed out on the Polar Bear and Miss Universe Questions or would have been in the finals. Hard Luck. Was Planning to make an archive myself. Will post it soon. 

    Andrew Scolt isn't Derek O'Brien but yes, he filled in the gap okeyishly.

    As far as the questions are concerned, i haven't had much time but i plan to post them rather frequently once i am done with this November bunch of tests (about 20th that is). Don't worry @jerand there will be lots of questions for you to answer.
  • Gr8 work.Since you posted the archives.BTW if you don't want the comment to be taken seriously,then why post.
    No.2 You can't compare Andrew Scolt to Derek or Pickbrain.They are what they are(Read:Proprieter of the firm).Scolt is the VP.
    The six teams qualifying in chronological order.
    1.New Era Mayapuri(Arnav,me)
    2.Springdales Dhaula Kuan(Amaan and Akhilesh)
    3.Air Force Bal Bharti
    4.NK Bagrodia
    5.Sanskriti School
    6.Mothers Intl.
  • Feeling so happy for you Roshan! Meri bad dua kabhi khaali nahin jaati...

    @jerand: gud wrk!

  • Without any doubt Derek O Brien is the God himself. But Mr. Scolt is an extremely good QM. He is more jovial and grounded than our God. And all the associates follow the DOB ideology and styly of conducting quizzes.
  • i too participated in limca book of records quiz held in bareilly and my team stood second in the quiz.........our quizmaster was mr.shane alliew..................................................will try to post the questions of that quiz as soon as possible
  • A full archive of the Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011 - Delhi Edition is up now. Do download and tell us how is it.

    P.S. Great work @jerand . Thanks for starting Post Quiz Discussions again. Also I have modified the little bit to make the archive part more visible. I hope you don't mind. :)

    [Update] Download the file whose size is mentioned 759K . That's the updated one.
  • @vidit-The pic was of Vayalar Ravi and not Vayalar Irani. and the character who saved ahuda is Mr.Phineas Fogg(Around the world in eighty days) and not phineas and ferb. great job, vidit! great archive!
  • Thanks Arvind. I always knew there was something wrong with the Phineas Fogg Question i wrote incorrectly during the  quiz. :P File has been updated now.
  • Nice Archive Vidit
  • @deepak: shane is a much better QM than derek, actually any QM is better than derek!!!!
  • Thank u all of you for reading the archive i will keep posting new questions @VIDIT special thanks to u for being sporty about the fifa12 thing what now man when are we having the next quiz
  • Thanks :) .@jerand Next is Japan Quiz this Wednesday. (Check the November Upcoming quizzes thread, it shall answer all your queries)
  • Shane is a very good QM....sense of timing. His buzzer rounds are nail-biting.... :)
  • Thanks for the archive....
    I'll be uploading the LBR Noida archive......And I'm still confused how the semi finals of this quiz will go about......
  • As far as I know, the Red Fort Complex is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And its in New Delhi. How can DOB make such a glaring error? Or was the question something different?
  • I am sorry, my bad - The archive PDF mentions the "technical reason" as Red Fort is in Old Delhi.
  • @prateekv-They gave points for Red Fort as well..
    Nice to see you posting after a long tym
  • @Abhishek: Why do you say so?? I personally find Derek the most engaging and best QM in India...
  • Pregnant polar bears do hibernate, actually. :P
  • Quite like Mr Scolt - much more friendly. Heard BQC is happening - anyone know the dates?
  • Please post the archives of Limca Book of World Records 2012 Delhi and say something about the quiz master as well!!!! :P