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Axiom 2011.

  • Axiom, the Mathematical Society of Delhi Public School, Dwarka presents its annual Math Fest - Axiom 2011.

    Date : November 16-17, 2011.
    Venue :- Delhi Public School , Dwarka.

    Individual Events :

    Senior Quiz
    There will be 2 stages. Written prelims will be followed by on-stage finals. Top 6 teams will qualify for on-stage round.

    Senior Surprise Event

    Junior Surprise Event


    Problem Solving
    Another roof, another proof problem.
    This event, consisting of a single written round will test the mathematical skills of the contestants in three major fields of mathematics i.e. Number Theory, Algebra and Geometry, with each contestant trying one sub-event. The overall winner of this event will be the school that scores the highest cumulative points after considering all three sub-events.

    Tpyrced ot emoc ysae oot si siht kniht uoy fi.

    Mental Math
    Is 25195908475657893494027183240048398571429282126204032027777137836043662020707595556264018525880784406918290641249515082189298559149176184502808489120072844992687392807287776735971418347270261896375014971824691165077613379859095700097330459748808428401797429100642458691817195118746121515172654632282216869987549182422433637259085141865462043576798423387184774447920739934236584823824281198163815010674810451660377306056201619676256133844143603833904414952634432190114657544454178424020924616515723350778707749817125772467962926386356373289912154831438167899885040445364023527381951378636564391212010397122822120720357 prime?

    Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to deal with such large numbers. But be prepared for a bumpy ride.

    Creative Event
    Axiom’s way of promoting appreciation of mathematical beauty amongst the young mathematics enthusiasts. This event will require each contestant to draw a picture using as many mathematical figures he/she knows of. This will be followed by a viva-voce. All participants are required to carry their own stationery.

    Team Events :

    Logic Analyze
    19.518 + iπ/2 is supreme.
    Expect the unexpected here, literally.

    Registrations till 11th.