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KBC: Children's Day Special
  • The children's day special shoot of Kaun Banega Crorepati happened yesterday. Nivedita from my school (Montfort) was nominated and made it to the hot-seat. She won 25 lakh yesterday. Actually, she gets just 8 lakh: 30% taxes, and rest 50% to the school.
    Did any other school apply?
  • Congrats for ur school mate! btw When was it notified?

    Who all knew it?
  • I hope Big Synergy doesnt mind u posting d results on net before d telecast. Coz if they do then d school might be in trouble.
  • Children's Day Special ? When ?
    Anyways, couldn't have gone. I suppose i don't count amongst "Children's" Anymore. Already 17 (Saw someone of the same age make it over there in the general KBC). + Lots of study to do. :) 
  • The notification for the event was given in August. Your school had to contact KBC for registration. Only one applicant per school. I guess the special will air on 14th, Children's Day. Also, I heard everyone who made it to the fastest finger-first, got a Dell laptop. I can't confirm this statement now.

    @MukundM: I don't think Big Synergy will have a problem. You really can't call this a "spoiler" anymore, considering everyone knew about the 5-crore winner a week before.

    @virtuosovidit: The eligibility was under 16, so yeah you couldn't have gone. So you aren't a child by their definition, neither was I.
  • Those info are specially given out to increase the TRP's...In other cases they do plead you not to give out the results. In a recent show in which I am participating I got into little trouble when I posted some info online...After that I actually decided not to even post d results after d telecast!

    BTW why didnt anyone post about it?
  • agreed with mukundm why wasn't any detail given out here?

    its all coming back to the same thing that i had pointed out last year, if you know about a quiz please do post otherwise there is no purpose of having this forum.
  • Honestly guys, I had no idea about the event. I hate to disclose it here but the selection process in our school was carried out the worst way and day possible. The day the selection and submission was done, our quizzing team was out at an inter-school event! There was no announcement or anything of that sort. When my brother (he's in 10th) and his friends learned about it later, we were fuming with anger. It was only on the 4th of this month we came to know that she's going to Mumbai for the shoot! I may sound like a prick, now that she's become a winner, but still... I wasn't aware with the state of events and am unhappy with my school's conduct.
    I don't know how the school got the info, but I'll ask my teacher-in-charge tomorrow straightaway.

  • Abhishek, you are true but I believe its a voluntary forum. Hence I dont want to create a fuss about such things.No one is bound to post things/info. Its their thought process to do so.

    This year info about many quizzes werent posted intentionally/unintentionally...Those who did it intentionally, we can just pray to God to give them wisdom. For the unintentional ones we can wish they are vigilant.

    I came to know about many quizzes through newspapers when there results were published. And in many cases d achievers were Gyaanis...When I asked them they were so bold(read shameless) to say that they wouldnt let others know in future too coz if they do they might loose. I pray for their speedy recovery. :)

    @Shikhar: I understand. It happens..we are not blaming you.
  • But now lets watch the show and cheer for the contestants!
  • well if that's how things are now, then well i can't say too much now can I?

    but if that is the case that people feel threatened that others might get to know about quizzes then I think this will just act a as a precedent and everyone will stop posting about quizzes and in the end it is going to be a loss to everyone.
  • i think your school teachers would have arbitrarily picked up one of their favourite students to go for KBC and would have thought of avoiding hassles.
  • Well such a thing wont happen. And I dont like pleading people to post things. We can instead set a precedent by posting more n more things. I ll try 2 do so once the Boreds get over. 
  • @jerand14, why do u always want to interfere btw all things without no reason and that too all 
    useless talks...