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QOTD 15.09.11
  • Q. X was born in 1803 North Carolina. In April 1865, X was wounded in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia, and like many wounded veterans, he became addicted to morphine. Searching for a cure for this addiction, he began experimenting with coca and coca wines, eventually creating his own version of Vin Mariani, which he called  French Wine Coca. In 1886, X decided to create an alternative for his French Wine Coca. X relied on Atlanta druggist Willis Venable to test, and help him perfect, the recipe for this edible product. X worked out a set of directions for its preparation that eventually included blending the base syrup with carbonated water. X never realized the potential of his creation. The business was sold to Y in 1888 prior to X’s death. Y in 1892 founded a company for the sale of this product. Identify X, Y and the Creation.?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • John Pemberton and Coca Cola??
  • @ pratyush_goel: yes, X is John Stith Pemberton and the creation is coca cola but you also need to identify Y.
  • Is it Asa Candler?

  • @ Dakshin: Yup thats correct!!!!!!!!!!