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  • Hi People, this is my first quiz on Gyaan.
    I have a sports quiz coming up in a few days, so I decided to post some of the questions I came across.
    Most of them are pretty easy.

    1. Who won medals in gymnastics at the 1904 Olympics with a wooden leg?
    2. Who won the first gold for China at the Olympic Games?
    3. Who holds the record for the most aces in a tennis match?
    4. Which Australian rower, in the quarter-finals of his event, stopped to let a line of ducks pass, and still won the race? (He went on to win the Gold too)
    5. Who is the only driver to be awarded the Formula 1 championship posthumously?
    6. Which company has been the ball supplier for the Wimbledon championships from 1902?
    7. Who was the first person to win both the Dronacharya and the Arjuna awards?
    8. Which is the only sport at the Olympics in which only women compete?
    9. Who was the first Arjuna awardee for shooting?
    10. Jim Laker created an awesome record by taking 19 wickets in a Test match. Who took the other wicket?
  • where is the sports quiz taking place?
  • 8. Handball
    Good questions!
  • @Abhishek_Gupta It's the national finals of the inter dps quiz.
    @marvellousmanas Thanks dude, but the answer is not handball.
  • Netball is a sport which is recognized by the IOC, but has never been conducted at the Olympics. So netball is only partially correct.
    The answer is something else. Keep trying, mate.
  • its softball, isnt it? confused between the lot!
  • @marvellousmanas

    Yes, it is softball.

  • The most aces ever were scored in that Isner-Mahut match in the 2010 Wimbledon. One long f*ckoff match that was. : p Isner had a 113, Mahut 103.
    Sixth question, the answer is Slazenger I believe.
  • for ques 9. the answer is karni singh
    and for 7. it is syed naseemuddin
  • gr8 questions
    No. 1 George Eyser
    No.10 I think Tony Lock 

  • @nibirpawan
    Great answers dude, both of them are correct.
  • thanx achintya

    2. I belive Xu Haifeng in 50m air rifle
    4. Bobby Pearce
    5.  Its hard ,
    is it Ayrton Senna???

    By the way, from which dps are u? I m also from dps.
    and for the matter of fact, I also participated in the zonal rounds from east zone in dhanbad.
  • @nibirpawan
    I am from DPS Meerut. Who won the quiz from your zone?
    2 and 4 are correct.
    5. It's not Ayrton Senna.
    And what DPS are you from?
  • DPS Dhanbad won form our zone. DPS Ruby Park Kolkata was the runners up. 
    I am from DPS Dhaligaon Assam.

  • 5.Jochen Rindt
    9.Karni Singh
  • 3.Lohn Isner (113)