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Code Wars 2011
  • And once again, Code Wars is back! But without a bang: since we couldn't manage a better one than the Big One. But beware, for this time there is a _twist_ *almost literally*. Quizzers beware, gamers sit up, creative people bring out the Mathew Innman in you because nothing less than that perfect shall make you to get a podium here.  We assure you, you will have the time of your life at Code Wars 2011 on 26th and 27th August 2011

    A fantastic quiz, a mind boggling n-Crypton, epileptic seizure inducing Surprise Event (that is not a hint) and three highly interesting Creative Events coupled with a Saturday at the campus of one of the best schools in India. Seriously, 

    Bring out the best in you because you are in for a ride!

    Download the invite and head over to our website for rules, schedule and registration.

    PS: The ride is bumpy.

    PPS: Bumpy is not a person.

    PPPS: Ride is also not a person.

    Pulkit Kaushik
    Code Warriors
  • can invites been sent to my school- ST. FRANCIS DE SALES SCHOOL,JANAKPURI,NEW DELHI-110058
    contact me asap......
  • @SUVIGYA It wouldn't be possible for us to send an invite by snail mail now. The event is open for all schools so kindly download an invite from our website. If in case you teacher doesn't agree then ask her to call me at 8130729439.

    Pulkit Kaushik
    Code Warriors
  • can u send an official email at

  • Is it open for the college students(DU)??