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  • We've been busy with college and this for the past few weeks, getting permissions, registrations, questions etc, but finally,
    Sri Venkateswara College now has its own quiz society - The Conquiztadors. The creators include Me, as well as fellow gyaani @Rachit

    We held a prelim today, consisting of 60 question ranging from general, sports, current affairs, history, India etc. Haven't checked the answers so can't say anything about the cut-offs.
    Uploading it here. Have a crack at it.
    QuizSocEntrance.pdf 441K
  • P.S- In couple of questions, like Q 16, two question have somehow merged. Answer them as 16a and 16b
  • 5. Benjamin Franklin
    7. Laughing Buddha
    8. Leap Year
    9. Monopoly
    13.South Sudan
    14.Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro
    16.a)Midsummer Night's Dream
    19.Collapse of the World Trade Center
    20.Muttiah Muralitharan
    21.Oz. Wizard of Oz.
    26.Delhi Belly
    27.Heath Ledger
    31.Europa League
    34.Mark Twain
    35.Anders Behring Brevik & Jeff Bezos
    49.Rafael Nadal
    50.X-Adolf Hitler. Y-Volkswagen Beetle
    55.Anna Hazare
    59.Tenali Raman

  • 3) Wayne Industries
    7) Laughing Buddha
    9) Monopoly
    14) Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro
    15) Pickup truck
    16 (a) A Midsummer Night's Dream
    (b) Santa Claus
    17) Zodiac
    18) Sherlock Holmes
    19) WTC attack
    21) Wizard of Oz
    22) Barcelona
    26) Delhi Belly
    33) Blackberry
    34) Mark Twain
    35) Anders Behring Breivik (spelling?)
    40) Gmail
    46) Baba Budan
    50) Adolf Hitler and Volkswagen
    51) Nokia
    52) "Blockbuster"
    54) 7/7 London Bombings
    55) Anna Hazare
    59) Vijaynagar Empire
  • didnt read 49 properly before.. gotta be nadal
  • 2. Apsara
    10. Barbie was invented
     29. Connaught Place