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G@teway 2011 Quiz Archive
  • G@teway 2011, Montfort School's annual tech fest, was held today (29th of July, 2011) and saw the participation of 20 schools.
    The quiz archive can be found at my Mediafire account. (
    The following teams qualified for the onstage finals:
    New Era Public School
    DPS Vasant Kunj
    Rukmini Devi Public School
    Apeejay, Sheikh Sarai

    The final standings were as follows:
    New Era Public School - I
    Rukmini Devi Public School - II
    Manavsthali - III

    Please download the quiz prelims and finals and let me know how you felt about the quiz!
  • The link for downloading the crossword archive is here:

    Reviews appreciated!
  • Sheer Awesomeness.
  • @crystal -  no hard feelings about the pirate-bay question. Moreover I now think that it was ok for you to not give points, I didn't know those guys had nick-names like "Tiamo", which easily implies that pirate bay was given away.

    The quiz was awesome, but one thing that i felt could have been corrected was the even-ness of the quiz finals, you might have the easiest of the questions asked to the team to your right - or - left but then a sudden extremely tough question might appear. And you end up wondering, hey! why didn't i chose that table. It had the winner! written on it :)  . + The number of Connects was easily out-numbered by the number of text and graphic clues, which i think should have been equal.

    Again the collection of questions is superb, nothing beats that. but the "quiz" could have been much better.
  • Prelims could have been slightly more workable.
  • Hey.....where is that crossword
  • I'd imagine the prelims had a high cutoff? well rounded, though some of the questions gave a little too much away.