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What is 6 X 9??
  • 54,42 ??
    what is the answer??
  • some please xplain !! y 42 ??
  • somehow its 42, and not 54... the great ANKURB, if you would rise and answer this question please!!
  • @ritvik, samarths:
    1. Go to
    2. Read what text is written there - including any subscripts which may or may not be there.
    3. Try to recollect what you have learnt in math class
    4. LOLZ!!!
  • Ah that question holds some bitter memories. Missed it foolishly at Code Wars Prelims 2008 ;-)
  • Guys seriously. There are rules regard QOTDs. I'm sick of reminding people. READ THE FUCKING STICKIES PEOPLE!
  • Saw Rhead's comment coming the moment I saw this discussion being started.But I completely agree with Rhead. Rules are rules and they have to be followed.
  • I might have over-reacted. I apologize. Shifted the discussion from QOTD to chit chat.
  • Prateek not qualifying in Code Wars 2008 because he got 6x9 wrong is a hilariously tragic story. I felt bad for him...but it's admittedly funny too.
  • 6*9 is 42 to the base of 13 i i dunno y we take the base to be 13 as we have loadzaa bases available too..!!
  • You know what's worse than hearing the same terrible joke over and over? People not getting the joke. Read The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, you'll get why 6 by 9 is 42.
  • The answer to the Ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.
  • Never saw this thread before! This is hilarious!
    Wonder why Prateek didn't write 42 when he knew about it?
  • @Aditya - Yes even I dont know why. I absolutely knew it. But I thought too much and gave a ROTFL answer - 54 (Which technically is correct!)