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Upcoming Quizzes- June '11
  • Here's the first one in June...

    World Quizzing Championships 2011 - Saturday 4 June

    Regional Director: Dr Anurakshat Gupta


    Venue: 2 LT-1, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

    Timings: 3:30 pm onwards

    Format: Individual participation

    Contact: Anurakshat Gupta


  • on the spot registration possible????

  • image

    • MVDIT TECH QUIZ 2011 is an Online Technology Quiz organized by the MVDIT TECH BOOK. The Quiz will be hosted by Vidit Bhargava
    • Both Solo and Team Registration are allowed. (Team of 2)
    • Details about the finals will be given on the day of Prelims i.e. 26th June
  • The timings should be noon. My exam ends at 11.
  • @abhaas. ..talking of my Quiz? I've got many requests for timings. Evening 6:00 what say?
  • @vidit-Why don't you keep a General online quiz as well....

  • hey can I please get updates on Columban and Mod quiz

  • mukund can u plz paste the timings as well nd how many team members........feels good to be back........
    There’ll be a preliminary round consisting of 20 questions, with a time limit of 15 minutes. We’ll mail you the questionnaire in a PDF file. Just send a naked reply to that mail with the answers! Do take care of the numbering. Top six scorers will qualify for the finals. And yes!Awesome Prizes (till we can afford) to be won this time. Prizes to be disclosed during the finals.Put up a reminder on your phone with the following details.
    Date:  24th June 2011
    Time:  12 noon
    Venue: Your inbox
    Date: 25th June 2011
    Time: 12 noon
    Venue: Virtual Bots Chat Room (The password will be given to the qualifiers via email)
    To Register. Send an email to And write “Count yourname In, Bot!”
  • Kutub Quiz is coming up at IIT Delhi. This Sunday on 12th June.(tentative timings, 3pm-6pm)
    Team of 4. General Quiz And the quiz will be hosted by Aryaprya Ganguly.
  • Registeration for kutub quiz is on the spot???
  • how to register for the kutubquiz? and what's the venue in iit?
  • Yes on the spot registeration i suppose.
  • What is the venue in IIT and what time is it?