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Tagged was shut down on 24th September 2013. Thanks to the entire community which made this journey so awesomeballs. Read more. Meetup!
  • Everyone, leave your phone numbers if you are coming, if not comfortable giving it out here, message them with your name at 9717301836 so that we can tell you about any last minute changes if any. We are gonna meet and talk about's future, new initiatives ,about Delhi Quizzing, the 2nd QUiz and pretty much anything. So please come!!

    Date: 1st June,2011 Wednesday
    Time:3-6 PM
    Venue : CP, specific location to be announced
  • Finally Quiz no.2
    :D :D
  • How was the meet? Did it happen? Seems no one wishes to discuss about it....
  • did the meet even happen?

  • Well yeah. :P

    The second quiz was discussed, sponsorship issues among those.
    Possible solutions to make the site more efficient, taggings and updated archives.

    More things I can't recall, although we were readily distracted by college talk and useless banter.