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NDTV IDBI "Sawaal India Ka" Quiz
  • thnx aman.. :) :)
  • Atleast Result Must Be out Soon...So the Candidates Selected For Far Areas Like Andhra Pradesh Can Reach Mun Atleast On the day of their shoot

  • Yeah ! I too am frm Andhra Pradesh. Waiting for the final list. Any change in the website's name?
  • @Mukund: When is ur episode going 2 b telecast?
  • @Goldy: I posted d comment earlier bt I think it got deleted...My episode was telecast yesterday...
  • i am going to be featured on NDTV India channel today at 7:30pm. (95% sure, if it doesn't happen today then it is the next wednesday for sure)

    Producer guy told me most probably for today, do check it out and let me know.

    Please spread the message!!!
  • @Mukund: Saw it!Gr8 episode man...Congrats!
    @Abhishek: Watching it...congrats fr clearing d first round!!
  • @Abhishek_Gupta wow, where did u get 3 laptops? one at TCS IT Wiz, I guess. Round 1's over and you won that.. Congrats!
  • Round 2 review: The format of the quiz seems awkward to me :-/ . By the way, I wanted to know if Rajiv Makhni only hosts the other quizzes on different topics in "Sawaal India Ka"?
  • @manas yeah definitely hoping for better luck next time!!

    2 at TCS IT WIZ and one for winning the TCS you can say!!!
  • all the best gyaaniz!
  • This is Shashank from Noida. I received a call from the NDTV guys on 26th Sept at 1 PM and they told me I was selected in the quiz and my episode will be shot on 4th Oct. Now the guy told me I would be contacted by some 'transportation department' of theirs regarding my travel. I have not received any call till now.
  • @Abhishek   When did you receive their phone call regarding your selection? After that , what did you have to do?
    @Everyone    Is there anyway I can watch the Rajiv Makhni episode online as I missed that one.
  • You will get a call by Mr. Vinit a day or 2 before ur shoot.
  • @Abhishek_Gupta can i get your email id?
  • Are the episodes available on the NDTV site?I am not able to find them.
  • My episode will be airing today at 7:30 pm and later in the night at 12:30 am....Do watch it  :)
  • Well done man! Congrats fr d victory!
  • i missed it :-(
    what topic was it?
  • @Mukund - Thanks a lott yaar! :D

    @Manas - Entertainment . You could have seen it an hour back @ 12:30 am , or there is also repeat on Monday @ 3:30 pm :)  
  • I just saw the Grand Finale. Watched yesterday too in Politics category...I lykd it. today our moderator Mukund Marodia won this quiz show in History category!! Wow, just couldnt believe users are rocking everywher...congozzzz!
    @MukundM: how ws ur experience?

    @Abhishek_Gupta @amanw: Wen will ur episodes come on tv? i think only u 3 were there from

    i really wish 2 participate in d quiz show..hope second season comes and its open to minors also.
  • Congrats @MukundM! You were amazing! Saw your show (the final one) today only.
  • @goldyrox  the episode will be aired today at 7:30 pm
  • @Abhishek_Gupta: very bad luck.i felt disgusted fr u.ur namesake bachhan did wrong 2 u. it ws nt a tech ques. But u played very well. i wanted u 2 win! congrats!