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Saraswati Memorial Inter-School Festival 2009
  • Saraswati Memorial Inter-School Festival 2009
    Venue: New Era Public School, Mayapuri
    Dates: 24th August to 28th August 2009
    The Invitation is attached. The Quiz Cards are attached separately too if some people are interested in the Quiz only :-)
    For any queries, contact me at 9818200355 or
    Please send in you registrations or confirmation as soon as possible. (On-the-spot registrations are also allowed!)
    Everyone's Invited!
    Hope to see you all there.
  • dont wry dude...sfs delhi wil b der 4 sure!!!
  • Latest Update -
    For the General Quiz (Seniors), a maximum of 3 teams per school are allowed to participate. But only one team per school will qualify for the finals.
  • yaar ne oder skul which is cumin 4 dis event..pls inform here!!...
  • prateek ...will we be accomodated if we come without a our school;s not allowing participation in inter school events until well come unofficially..
  • @Rishav - Yes definitely!
  • We are also coming for SM quiz - New State Academy , Pitampura .
  • I'm also coming for the quiz. :)
  • So we have atleast 4 teams coming surely :-)
    Everyone - Max. of 3 teams per school are allowed for the Quiz!
  • I asked Agrim again but he said that he won't come because:
    1. The school doesn't permit anyone to go out for competitions because of SWINE FLU.
    2. They won't allow anyway as the Terminals are approaching.
    3. Agrim has NO teammate.
  • OMG i so totaly wish dat its not dis swine flu has totaly cmpletely ruined d fun.crap yar
  • @Pearl - Yes we are hoping for an event with respectable attendance!
  • ok...da following sures are pakka
    2)new state academy
    3)dps noida
    4)new era themselves
    wat skul u 4m??
    ur cumin 4 da quiz??...wich skul buddy???
  • @Amrit - Thanks for keeping count! ;-)
    Anshul and Pearl are members of the NEPS Quiz Club QRIOSITY only...!
  • hmmm...4 teams...we need more dude....9 days 2 go!!!!....i think ol of da skuls need to send 3 teams if we r really gonna hav a quiz!!!....but...i hope mre members  4m cum!!!!!
  • @Amrit - Rite exactly... :-( I never thought we would face such a situation but our fest is quite "jinxed"....Anyways lets hope for the best. On-the-spot registrations are welcome and no of teams per school rule has also been relaxed to encourage greater participation.
  • ya srsly...dnt bring ol da wannabe quizzers in ma skul!!!...jst wish members turn up!!!!
  • Springdales School, D.K will be coming. 1 team for sure. I may not come as I have a VMC 3-HRT. What are the timings of the quiz?. coz if I come I will be alone and there will be 1 team.
  • Latest Update - The fest has been postponed indefinitely :-(
    The Quiz will definitely take place sometime in the future (When? - Thats yet to be decided!)
  • @amrit- there would be around 10 schools definitely..St thomas and some nearby west delhi schools too but this swine flu has spoiled the party..!!
  • Good. Now I won't miss it.
  • waise you should count 3 columban teams also prateek...just for official record!!
  • If the quiz is after 26th September,DPS R.K.Puram can surely send its teams
    Right Now, they have cancelled everything due to SWINE FLU
  • hmm..mbe its oder general quizzes cumin???
  • Now we'll come.
    Not in october between 15-24 oct. Please. MUNOG_009, germany.
    I don't wanna miss your quiz. Amity Saket! :D
  • @Agrim - Okay cool I will make sure. Now I have the power to schedule it :-) November 1st week looks fine to me.