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  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    At Modern School Vasant 
    Vasant Vihar, we have always believed and maintained that in addition to one’s 
    academic pursuits, extra curricular activities needs to be emphasized upon.

    In sync with our tradition 
    and philosophy, we are conducting ‘MOD QUIZ’, the much awaited and anticipated 
    Inter School Quiz Festival from the 15th to the 17th of 
    July 2011. The objective behind organizing the Quiz Festival is to provide 
    students across DELHI- NCR not only an opportunity to compete but also give 
    them a great learning platform by means of interacting with one of India’s Top 
    Quizmaster who shall be conducting the Event.


    The first day of MOD QUIZ 
    shall be open only for the junior students i.e. students of Classes 4th 
    and 5th only. The theme for the second and third day of MOD QUIZ 
    shall be GENERAL and M.E.L.A.S (Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts and 
    Sports). The details of the Quizzes along with the rules and regulations are 
    enclosed herewith.

    On behalf of the school, would like to invite your institute to participate in MOD 
    QUIZ and support the Knowledge driven initiative.




    Modern School Vasant Vihar
  • Excited about the M.E.L.A Quiz. A Wonderful idea!

    P.S - I've re formated the above text, with proper spacing.
  • I have heard its tough...
  • An Alumni (3 members per team - all from the same school or 2 alumni and one current student) has also been planned at Modern School VV on 17th July. Registration Fee: Rs 50 Per Student. General Quiz.
  • @prateekv . that should be some great fun! and some great competition :D
  • when is the registration for the alumni quiz to be done?

  • Are there people who are missing on d final quiz because of Sunday coachings?
  • Well Humanities does have it's advantages. :-P
  • Timings: 
    16th: 9:00 am onwards (General and MELAS Prelims to be held on the same day followed by General Semis.)
    17th: 2:00 pm onwards (MELAS and General Finals)
  • Tough Quizzes Ahead. Parnab Mukherjee Style (Some errors and Some questions :P )
  • Just talked to Arindam Sir
    Rectification for Mod
    Both the quiz prelims and semis shall be held tommorow.
    Finals on Sunday
  • I missed the general semis by half a mark!
  • can somebody plz tell me the results of semifinal 2
  • Sometimes putting down the results is almost immaterial because many questions of Pornob da are incorrect or seems as a fiction of his mind. :) Then the host team does win!!! But still the person is somehow loved by all and no one can deny or overpower him in his oratorical skills. As discussing with Vidit, I am continuing the tradition of putting up some ques which went wrong by the QM....

    1. Name Liu Xiaobao's organisation because of which he was arrested.
    A. Citizens of change

    NO..Xiaobao was never in this organisation. He was arrested primarily because of signing the Charter 8.

    2. Name Amitav Ghosh's trilogy of books.
    A. Opium trilogy

    its Ibis yaar. Someone in the audience dared to point out but it didnt work.

    3. A legend..maker of films like Albert Pinto ko gussa kyon aata hai?
    A. Sahib Mirza

    hey its Sayeed Aktar Mirza...Dont make him feel bad..

    4. Means Broken Verses. Popularised by a saint of medieval India.
    A. Abhang by Tukaram

    If you know a bit of Hindi/Sanskrit you'll realize that Abhang means 'which cannot be broken'!!

    Isnt that interesting? Hehehehe. Some first timers felt bad on seeing the quiz. For them- This is how Pornob da works and when you go there just dont put your brains in everything. Just enjoy!

  • Still for all, New Era won the Best School Prize while Modern Vasant Vihar were given the Best consistent team...
  • One more you probably missed out Mukund. [The one i am most furious about]:
    Q. What are Oscars officially called?
    Ans by Mr. Parnob Mukherjee - Academy of Motion Picture Awards! 
    Ha, it is Academy Awards by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. And that everyone Knows!
  • ^Yeah, that one was quite irritating :|
  • As I said before, when you come onto the college circuit, your hate for Pornab increases exponentially. They once asked us the scientific name of a type of onion. Needless to say, I couldn't think they could get so low.

  • @vidit cant believe he made such a mistake!
    what's happened to the level of quizzing?

  • @Abhishek: Hmm, I don't know, maybe it was a little trick by Mr. Mukherjee to ensure to people that his quiz isn't easy :/
  • @Vidit: Thats not just one, there would be many...I didnt get time to put them up..:P
  • yeah and can any1 plz tell why was Modern Vasant Vihar awarded 5 points out of the blue just before the final results of General quiz. I mean this is insane. What is the point of going to such quizzes where the host team has to win by crook and only crook.

  • @Mukund: Hehe! Can u pls put the whole results of the event?
  • General:
    1. New Era, Mayapuri
    2. Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
    3. Modern, Vasant Vihar
    1. Modern, Vasant Vihar
    2. St. Columba's
    3. Bal Bharati, Noida
  • If what "Quizzing King" said is correct. Then, that is very shameful.