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IT quiz in the month of June
  • I want to know if we can conduct a quiz in the month of june (not an online quiz but at an actual place).

    It will be an IT quiz.
    We can discuss the possibilities here.
    The quiz can be open to all people (meaning people who have passed out school, college etc.).
    We can invite non-members as well.
  • I am not in town in June, but I can always try to help with stuff.
  • Keep it open. Please.
  • Please don't keep it on a weekend.
  • @vidit: It'll obviously be open. That's for sure. I don't think anyone is against keeping it 'open'. Is there?
  • I think it would work better on a weekend, don't you think?
    In terms of availability of venue, etc.

    IT not my forte, but I'll join.
  • it will definitely be open and the larger participation we can have the better it will be.
    anybody have any ideas on locations that can be hired?

    also it would be nice if we can estimate how many people will take part so that we can decide on what kind of venue is required.

    appeal to all members to spread word around to gauge the response.