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Upcoming Quizzes-May 2011
  • They left Delhi? Seriously?
  • I Asked Adithya Nath mubayi sir they said they leaved delhi And all the other cities in which Last Year Ignite was held...This Year they want Other children of other cities 2 participate :/
  • It's other not 'Oder'. Please read the forum etiquette. I have corrected it this time. And Thanks a lot for asking on our behalf.  
  • @dhananjay- Its etiquette,not etiqoette.........I couldnt correct it this time,i wont be able to it the next time...:p

    With all due respect to everyone,i just have the feeling that this forum is becoming too formal....In fact,even the 'nothing official about it' tagline has also been taken off.
    We are all young students here.We can afford to loosen up a little.
    Just my point of view.I hope you dont block me for this.
  • @shashank: I Agree With You Totally.!
  • That was a typo but thanks.
    The point is it is very annoying to read bad grammar, and it also shows disrespect for other people's time. It's a matter of courtesy, not law.
  • @dhananjay-I dont know why ,but i just have the feeling that you are pretty young......
    Well,the 'Sms lingo' or the short forms are there more so for convenience and to save time....and I am pretty sure that no one writes using those short forms to annoy someone or to show their disrespect.And almost all of us understand those.
    If a person doesnt understand that Oder means other,then there are serious IQ problems.

    But my point is that the site is becoming a little strict and i dont really like the changes that have been incorporated recently.I also know that this isnt the right place to say all this but i dont exactly know what is so for the first and the last time i am going to write this here.
    Just an appeal to Ankurb(does the b stand for bhaiya??) and the other moderators-Bring the fun back.......
    Also Man U beat Chelsea 2-1 to win the EPL.....Man U fans rejoice and pray for the double....(sorry couldnt resist and yeah last time)
  • @Shashank: I am only incorporating what is being said in the forum etiquette. Go have a look.

    I have a feeling that you have come on this site after a long time. Well the crowd is different. The old moderators are largely inactive. Stay tuned and you'll understand. Although, if you have come to this site after a long time. Firstly, welcome and secondly, it's nice to have you back. 
  • Got this Invite, Not really an upcoming quiz in May, its in June. But Here are the details: 

    Date: 25th JUNE 2011


    Time: 10.00 AM to 2.30 PM (Door Opens at 8.00 AM)


    Registration Opens on: MAY 20, 2011-First Come First Serve Basis as the seating capacity is limited to 3,000 PARTICIPANTS. 

    No of Participating Teams : 3 Teams of 2 participants each Per School

    Eligible Students : 8th, 9th& 10th Grade

    Event Host : Literate India 2020& NRI Forum, Government of Karnataka

    Quiz Host : Quizzigans Quiz Group, Bangalore

    Main Prizes : Round Trip Tickets
    : Winner Team - Bangalore, India to Harvard University,USA
    : First Runner – Bangalore, India to Oxford University, UK : Second Runner – Bangalore, India to NUS. Singapore

    Out Station Teams: Participants out of Bangalore shall be provided Boarding & Lodging and Second Class Return Train Tickets
  • Relax Dhananjay. Don't be so pedantic. Agreed sms lingo pisses some people off a bit, but no need for power bending on a one off incident, right?
    I don't think Arshil is a repeated offender. Its a fun forum!

    @Shasank_93 - You're back! Put up questions idiot.
    And if you want more fun, I've a particular youtube video for you.

    As for upcoming quizzes, there are no quizzes in colleges before August. There maybe open quizzes, by KQA et al. Stay updated for those.
  • @abhaas: Yeah. I am Not  a Repeated Offender.Waise Thanks. :D
  • NOOOO so great prizes . Such an awesome quiz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It should have happened last year!
  • Quiz Being Hosted by Shrey Saxena on Facebook Group Chat:
    Official Invite to the event:
    ONLINE Cyber Quiz competition @ Facebook

    PRELIMS-15 questions. 6 participants would be selected for the finals. 

    Date-15th may 2011 [SUNDAY]

    Venue-Facebook [do add the organizer so that you can be added to the group of participants-

    Reporting Time-12:00 noon IST [SHARP] 

    Quiz will start @- 12:15 p.m.

    ----------------------Results Will be disclosed @ 12:45 p.m.----------------------

    FINALS-10 questions [Would be held @ FB group chat]

    Date-15th may 2011

    REPORTING TIME-4:00 p.m. IST

    Quiz will start @ 4:15 p.m. IST

    ------------------FINAL RESULTS will be disclosed @ 4:45 p.m.-----------------

    Last day for registration is 10th MAY 2011
    ---------------------------------BEST OF LUCK Regards CBQ

  • nice quiz.this focus india

    #:-Sbut omg! the competition!
  • MahaQuizzer 2011- 29th May, 2011


    The 11thees and 12thees are enrolling themselves in College or Open category???
    mq2011-480.jpg 200K
  • @Mukund .... thodi ur details, and the website also. (unreadable from poster)

  • @vidit- use ctrl +
  • @virtuosovidit - Use this link

    11th and 12th   will be in school category, I guess, judging from what I did last year. Same for people who have just passed 12th .

    I already predict winner of Open category. A chap name Col Joy Bhattacharya. He's awesome.

    I scored 24 something last year, in school. The school category winner was someone from gyaan itself, I don't remember the name.
    Parth was it?

    :-/ Parth
  • Parth Singh? Could be. He is really good.
  • For the KQA, 11thees and 12thees, enroll in the Open or College category?

    PS: Even Mr. Mubayyi is participating in it.

  • @everyone who wants to know about school vs. open vs. college (for mahaquizzer)

    i asked them about this via mail and they said 12th pass-outs can take part in college while 11th and 12th would be in school

  • @dhananjay
    yes it was parth singh who won it in school category!
  • @Abhaas:Well I believe that it would be none other than the Delhi gr8 Dr. Suvajit Bhattacharya. He's the best Open quizzer here and one of the most senior ones. 
    @Anirudh: This is the only comp. which he takes part in.