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Bringing back moderator approval to new registrations
  • During a discussion today with @Shreyans, I found out that in recent weeks many spambot registrations were leaking through in our forum, now what we no longer have a manual approval process. It seems like this was a failure of verification tool that is used by For more details on what the problem is, you can read my blog post on it.

    Anyway, to tackle this major problem, I am bringing manual moderator approval back to the process. New applicants will have to wait for a while to have their accounts checked by one of moderators to determine whether it's spam or not. The approval process is not a test of your abilities, rather it is to check whether it is 'obviously' spam.

    For now, I think Facebook/Google/Twitter/OpenID approval will still be kept as I haven't seen spam through those channels.
  • I don't think spambots will enter through Facebook/Google/Twitter channel since those site filter out spambots themselves.

    And yeah, major issue. Guess old is better.
  • Well ankur bhaiya i totally agreee with you(though i am a newbie myself)
    and along with moderator approval you could also design a system whereby members are selected on merit basis. Many users google the answers and that looses the charm of quizzing. A short entrance test or type colud be conducted

    [-O< :p
  • @QuizzingKing On that thing, we hope that people and the community self-police themselves. has never been about leaderboards or points, it's in the about section. To become a better quizzer, people need to learn to answer questions they know - Googling will not help become a better quizzer!
  • PS - The 'Why do you want to join' question is the sign up form is distinguish humans from spambots - they'll not know what to fill in.
  • @QuizzingKing - Even if they google here, in real life, they fail, so there.
  • ^You forgot your grammar or are you inspired by Yoda?
  • Nah.
    That's my jazz.