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Googling - evil or no evil?
  • Friends, countrymen and quizophiles,
    This has been a long debated area in online quizzing, and this debate has made appearances in a lot of quiz blogs. I wanted to discuss with you guys, what you feel about this - is Googling a crime when you answer a question online? People who argue for it being a crime mostly harp upon the point that we should try to recreate the environs of an actual IRL quiz, and hence no Googling. However, I don't mind Googling. I don't mind it because an online quiz is different from an IRL quiz, and hence we should adapt to the change in the arena of quizzing from an auditorium to an online forum, and make Google-free questions. A lot of ploys are used to make Google free questions, some of them being -
    1. Questions in an online quiz are generally tougher than questions in a live quiz.
    2. Questions with images are hard to Google (though with the advent of tineye, even this has diminished)
    3. When people generally try to Google an answer for a question, they Google keywords, and a combination of them chosen smartly can give you the answer. So if main keywords in the question are hidden by X/Y/Z to an extent that the question does not become vague and the answer cannot be ambiguous, then that question is very hard to Google and find out the answer.
  • I think that fear of technology is one thing which is holding back quizzing a lot. Take any major quiz you'll hardly find any tech questions. Similarly when quizzes are put up online many are still stuck with old school style. NSIT Quiz Club blog is one exception which has adapted itself extremely well to online quizzing.
    X/Y/Z questions are a delight to attempt both online and offline. :) It's like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.
  • As for, I hope not opting for a leaderboard reduces the urge to look up something from Google. ;)
  • Frankly I don't mind googling, Isn't the mark of a good question something that can't be googled easily?
  • @ ankur: not only NSIT Quiz Blog, a lotta others are now putting up Google-free questions. check them out @ .
    Personally, I would encourage people to Google the answer to a question because that way, you get to know a lot more about the answer then probably the questionmaker would reveal with the answer.
  • @achu_182: Not only that, I've created a combined feed of active blogs listed under in the Quiz Blogs Mega RSS Feed.
  • I don't think Googling is wrong. It helps you to know find answers in such a way that you'll never forget. It'll remain stuck in your mind.
  • Yes, I completely agree Googling for answers is "no evil"
  • It depends actually. You'd rather try first and see if you actually know the answer or not, just don't depend completely on google. Once you're sick of thinking and still don't know the answer, then you can still shift to google to check it up. But what I take it as is that I imagine the same question to be a stage round question where you have nowhere to go. So you either know it or not. Most of the times if you even have the story behind the whole incident, you're still awarded points - people have noticed that some of my answers are fashioned on these lines.
    googling is not evil, you learn a lot when you check up an answer. But if you've not tested yourself before checking the answer up, its just a waste of time.
  • Very succintly summed up by Agrim. :)
  • The questions which can be googled are in essence mostly direct type not workable types and for a direct question either u noe it or not neways one thing s for sure that when u google it wikipedia comes into play u go to the wikipage and then click on many more links ending up gaining a wealth of knowldege

    Agrim mentions the point of telling the story if u dont noe the answer but one should be careful coz it can be a double edged sword.e.g. In last yrs coq there was a pic of escobar and a team was not able ot ientify him but realized that he was the guy who got killed for an own goal and told it to the quizmaster the next team picked up the hint and ended up knocking the story tellers out who got a gud lecture by Kunal Savarkar
  • yeah, you've got a point too, but it may or may not work - the fact being that one SHOULD know why an event happened. i mean, if you know the story behind it, its easier to relate i.e. taking the case of escobar you mentioned, the other team who answered the question couldn't have given the answer out of the blue, they must have known about this famous incident and there comes the story part - if you know the story, you might just get the answer or you might not. But that's all lady luck..:P